Academic Prorammes Offered

A. School of Business and Management Science:
1. Department of Accountancy
    National Diploma in Accountancy (ND ACC)
2. Department of Business Administration
    National Diploma in Business Administration (ND BAM)
3. Department of Microfinance and Enterprise Development
    National Diploma in Microfinance and Enterprise Development (ND MED)
4. Department of Office Technology and Management
    National Diploma in Office Technology and Management (ND OTM)
B. School of Engineering, Science and Technology (SEST):
1. Department of Agricultural Technology
    National Diploma in Agricultural Technology (ND AGT)
2. Department of Computer Science
    National Diploma in Computer Science (ND COM)
3. Department of Computer Engineering Technology
    National Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology (ND CTE)
4. Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering
    National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (ND EET)
5. Department of Health Information Management
    National Diploma in Health Information Management (ND HIM)
6. Department of Science Laboratory Technology
    National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (ND SLT)
7. Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics
    National Diploma in Surveying and Geoinformatics (ND SUG)
C. School of Vocational Education, Skills and Professional Development (SVESPD):
    Remedial Studies
    Entrepreneurship Training
    Professional Development courses
   Vocational Education and Skills Development